July 31, 2014  

Finding the Right Rx Riding Glasses For You

The right eyewear is vital to your safety on the road. But if you wear prescription glasses, finding the right pair of riding glasses or goggles can be challenging and costly. Wearing your everyday eyeglasses while riding is not usually a good idea as they may be damaged or fly off in the wind. So what’s a rider to do? EyeGearZone.com offers several sensible options that protect your site...and can save you money.

Option #1: Choose glasses with an Rx adapter

There is an ingenious solution for riders who need to wear prescription eyewear but don’t want to pay the expense of having custom curved lenses made. It’s called an Rx adapter. An Rx adapter is simply a plastic frame that holds the lenses made to your prescription. The adapter snaps into a larger frame with its own lenses that wrap around the head and protect the rider from wind, dirt and debris. Because the lenses made for the adapter are flat and not curved, the expense of making them is low, saving you money. The end result? When you put your glasses on, you are now looking through two pair of lenses. Your prescription lenses, and the lenses that come on the frame you choose. EyeGearZone.com offers some great choices of riding glasses with Rx adapters, including our popular Freedom24 glasses with transitional lenses, that lighten as the sun goes down.

Freedom24 with Rx Adapter by Global Vision

Rx-able Riding Glasses w/Transitional Lenses

Exceptional value: $89.95addtocart

• Rx adapter (lower right) holds Rx lenses, snaps into place
• Shatterproof polycarbonate day/night lenses
• Tint lightens as the sun goes down so you don’t have to stop
your bike and change glasses
• Double-sided anti-fog lens coating
• Meets ANSI Z87.1 - 2003 standards for safety eyewear
• EVA vented foam padding keeps air out
• Includes strap and easy-grip case


Prescription photochromic motorcycle glasses could cost you $300 or more. With the Freedom24 glasses and adapter, you can save up to 50% or even more.

You simply take the adapter to your eye care professional, who then fits it with lenses made to your prescription. If you prefer, you can use an online provider and send the adapter to them along with a copy of your prescription. (I recently used 39dollarglasses.com with good results. They bill themselves as “the world’s #1 online optical store” and claim savings up to 70% over local optical stores.)

The plastic adapter then snaps into the foam padding, which snaps into the frame of the Freedom24 glasses. So when you wear the glasses with the adapter, you are looking through two sets of lenses, the ones made from your prescription, and the photochromic ones. You have the benefit of your prescription lenses as well as the convenience of the photochromic lenses.

GV Adaptables Kit with Rx Adapter by Global Vision

Be Prepared for Changing Light Conditions with 5 Interchangeable Lenses

Excellent value: $59.95addtocart

• Rx Adapter (lower right) snaps into place
• Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses
• 5 Easy to change one-piece lenses
• Includes neoprene cord and cae
• Rubber nose pads
• Flexible ear pads
• UV400 filter for maximum UV protection


Option #2: Get glasses that go over your Rx glasses

What’s the easiest solution for riders who want to avoid the cost of prescription riding glasses? Purcahse a pair of glasses or goggles designed to go over your glasses. With this type of eyewear, you get to ride with the glasses you already have, saving you the expense of investing in prescription riding glasses, which could cost $300 or more. EyeGearZone.com offers several economical solutions starting under $25. Other riders prefer a sleeker, more stylish appearance, so they look for other options.

Outfitter by Global Vision

Foam Padded Riding Glasses Go Well Over Most Prescription Glasses

Only $23.95addtocart

• Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses
• UV400 Filter for maximum UV protection
• Side lenses provide great periperheral vision
• Meets ANSI Z87.1 standards for safety eyewear
• Higher density foam padding keeps air out
• Double-sided anit-fog lens coating
• Scratch resistant lens coating
• Durable, matte black nylon frame
• Width: outside of left lens to outside of right lens: 5 1/4”
• Height of individual lens: 1 3/4” Available in smoked (shown),
clear and yellow tint lenses


This comfortable, practical eyewear has been a hit among our customers. You can save hundreds of dollars by avoiding the expense of getting prescription riding eyewear.

Big Ben Goggle Kit by Global Vision

Extra Large Padded Goggles Goes Over Most Glasses; Includes 2 Lenses

Only $39.95addtocart

• Kit includes interchangeable smoked and clear lenses
• Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses
• UV400 Filter for maximum UV protection
• Soft airy foam around lenses
• Double-sided anit-fog lens coating
• Top and bottom venting for proper air circulation
• Quality frame is flexible, conforms to head for comfort
• Includes microfiber pouch for storage, cleaning
• Width: outside of left lens to outside of right lens: 7 1/4”
• Height of individual lens: 2 1/4”


Avoid the high cost of prescription riding glasses. Get Big Ben and wear them over your existing glasses. This is one of Global Vision’s most popular goggles.

Option #3: Purchase your own frame

Eyewear for riding motorcycles is specifically designed to wrap around the head and prevent dirt, air and debris from coming in. That is why wearing your everyday prescription glasses just doesn’t cut it. Your option is to find a pair of regular riding glasses that fits your head. Then have your prescription lenses fitted to the frame. This cannot be just any frame. The frame must be thick enough to accommo- date a prescription lens and hold it safely in place. However, your local optical shop, is not likely to offer frames for motorcycle riding, and if they do, the cost can be sky high. EyeGearZone.com offers several frames that accomplilsh this economically. After purchasing such a frame, you take it to your eyecare professional and have them create an Rx lens made for your eyes. Note, the lenses that fit a wrap around frame must be curved, and not all labs can create them. For this reason, these lenses tend to be costly.

Happening Stud Riding Glases by Global Vision

Frame Accomodates Prescription Lenses

Fantastic value: $19.95 addtocart

• Rx-able frame will hold your prescription lenses
• Metal decor on temples includes 8 rivets, 44 studs
• Shiny black frame
• Also available in sold black frame, and demi style


How to make these glasses into prescription glasses: Take the frame to your eyecare professional who can then remove the smoked lenses, and fit the frame with your prescription lenses.

We’re here to help

You only get one pair of eyes. It is vital to protect them. There are many choices when it comes to prescription riding glasses. The most important thing is that you do everything you can to protect your eyes and maximize your safety. The folks at EyeGearZone.com are happy to be of help.


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