July 29, 2014  

Why Buy From EyeGearZone.com?

1. The quality will impress you

You can depend on EyeGearZone.com for sunglasses and goggles that look and perform as we promise they will.  EyeGearZone.com only buys from companies known for quality and attention to detail. In fact, we have personally known the president of Global Vision Eyewear, our major supplier, for over fifteen years. His unwavering commitment to creating quality products at great prices inspired us to start EyeGearZone. com.

2. Exceptional values

Our philosophy is simple. Why pay more than you have to for performance eye gear? That's why our everyday low prices are up to 50% less -- and sometimes even more -- than comparable brand name products.

3. Your satisfaction, guaranteed

We want you to be happy. If for any reason, your EyeGearZone.com purchase meets less than your full expectations, return it to us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange of the purchase price.

4. Detailed product copy

We believe in giving you as much information about our products as possible. So unlike some online sunglass merchants who show you little more than a picture, we try to include as many details as we can. We do this to help you make a confident buying decision.

5. We double check your order

As an added quality check, we carefully inspect each product before shipping it to you. We want you to be pleased the moment you remove your new sunglasses or goggles from the box.

6. Low-cost shipping

Nobody likes high shipping costs. That's why we offer a flat rate of just $2.95 for standard shipping for your entire order. And when your order totals $40 or more, you recieve FREE standard shipping. One more way EyeGearZone.com saves you money.

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